coins for charity


HELPICO is the first coin for help and charity.
In this era of a developing digital economy, the coin HELPICO is meant to become a tool of tokenization of humanitarian ideas implemented via blockchain technology.

The social mission of the coin HELPICO is to create an international ecosystem facilitating charitable initiatives. The coin HELPICO is a convenient
payment tool for charitable and humanitarian aid organizations, as well as for solving other social tasks for the benefit of nature and the society. Using blockchain
technology in charity work has significant advantages as compared to the conventional ways of providing humanitarian aid and charitable assistance, namely:
- it streamlines and facilitates money transfers around the world;
- it provides for maximum transparency of financial operations.
HELPICO is not a charity foundation.
HELPICO is a convenient tool that allows to simplify, speed up and secure charitable activities. Alongside with the launch of the coin HELPICO, the initiating team starts
their own charitable activity – helping nature and planet Earth. The acquired contributions will be distributed among the following funds: funds for nature and wildlife preservation, animal assistance, homeless animals protection, and other organizations providing assistance and protection to wildlife.
The contributions for this activity will be acquired via mining of the coins HELPICO.
On the main page of the site in the section "View Our Statistic", there is a counter "CHARITY", which shows the number of Helpico coins withheld from mining and intended for distribution between funds and organizations that provide assistance to nature. Sending coins is made 1 time per month. The total number of coins to be sent is divided equally among all organizations that have applied for charitable funds. Each organization coins are sent to their personal HELPICO wallet.
At the moment, the Helpico coin is at an early stage of its formation, the infrastructure of the coin is being developed, the active search for funds and organizations in need of assistance continues, in accordance with the conditions of the project’s charitable program: "Helping Wildlife on Planet Earth". In order to achieve greater efficiency in the provision of charitable assistance and wider coverage of structures and organizations in need of it, the first distribution of coins under the above-announced program of assistance to nature will be carried out in 6 months from 22.08.2018.
Due to the unfavorable market conditions and the ongoing stagnation in the cryptocurrency market, the Helpico coin community decided to postpone the distribution of charitable coins for another 3 months to 05.22.2019. If the situation starts to change drastically before the date specified above, the coins will be distributed immediately.

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