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In the veterinary clinic named after Ivan Fillmore has long been treated, rehabilitated animals left without a host. These are mainly injured, crippled stray dogs and cats, that is, those who have no one to help. 
The clinic is not a shelter, these organizations have completely different goals and functions, but it so happened that all this time the clinic partially had to take over the functions of the shelter. It became obvious that an appropriate organizational form was needed. 
So in July 2012, at the clinic, the Save the Life Charitable Foundation for Homeless Animals was founded 
The main objectives of the Fund are: 
- direct assistance to animals: treatment, restoration, adaptation, attachment; 
- participation in the implementation of state and public programs, legislative programs aimed at protecting and protecting animals; (Castration program, toughening the law for cruelty to animals) 
- increase in society the level of ethical and humane attitude to animals (Creation of a single database of chipped animals, a single database of surrendering, lost and found animals); 
- study, generalization and dissemination of experience of Russian and international charitable foundations in the field of animal welfare and protection.

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