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The group was created to facilitate assistance primarily to birds, as well as small-sized mammals. All that is larger than the average adult rabbit, we geographically can not accommodate. The group exchanges information and experience with colleagues. We are engaged in increasing the level of education and public awareness. 
We will tell you what to do if you find, for example, a wounded bird, help with treatment, food and, if possible, help with housing. 

Veterinary hospitals, most often because of a biased attitude towards animals from the wild and lack of experience, refuse to accept such patients. We are a well-established team with accumulated experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of birds, some mammals and reptiles. 
Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity and area to receive swifts, pigeons, crows, gulls, and other sinatrops and non-predatory birds, but we are ready to help with information on issues of content, there are always specific feeds for birds of prey and insectivores. 
We are always glad to volunteers and financial assistance.

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