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The Animels Association (formerly Anonymous) works to stop animal abuse in the food, clothing and experimental industries. Animals have rights! 
There are many animal welfare organizations in the country trying to provide shelter and adoptive homes, and most of them are doing wonderful work in their field. Our field is another: the field of the public struggle against animal institutions, which causes torment and death to hundreds of millions of animals every year in Israel. 
Animels (formerly Anonymous) is a nonprofit based on volunteers. The association is funded by donations - mainly from private individuals. You can help us organize or fund more extensive activities that will increase our ability to make an impact on animals! 

We've stopped the geese and ducks (over 800,000 a year!) We stopped the isolation and thirst of the milk calves We prevented cow rays of anesthesia without anesthesia We canceled animal experiments in schools | We stopped pigeon slaughter in Dagon silos We have prohibited wildlife exploitation in circuses and the entry of circuses that exploit animals (of any species) to Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Beersheba. 
Our investigative team exposes animal abuse and provides a basis for legal claims, legislation and media disclosures | We are responsible for raising animal rights issues in the major media several times a week We promoted animal protection regulations and laws and waged legal battles against abusers and the Department of Agriculture, creating important precedents for the future. 
We regularly run information booths in major cities and special events | Over 200,000 people per year browse our information and information leaflets | Our Web Weekly has been regularly produced for over a decade and is currently sent to over 30,000 subscribers The Anonymous Website is the largest and most important database of animal rights in Hebrew and contains over a thousand quality researches and articles | We have developed a youth and adult lecture program distributed across the country to over 40,000 people a year.

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