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Nature and ecology of Belarus 
 Wildlife, eco-lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle and a clean living environment are our themes and concerns. We are both a battery of current environmental news of Belarus and the world, and a generator of selective content. 
 Green Portal - Green Network's media project, that's about everything that surrounds you with the eco prefix. Read, be inspired, act! Communities of environmental organizations, initiatives, experts and activists united by the principles of voluntariness, partnership and equality. The mission of the Green Network is to achieve harmony between man and nature through sustainable development and a strong green movement. We organize actions in defense of nature, protests against the authorities' inaction against the indifferent attitude to crimes against nature, we organize competitions that develop people's eco-awareness. 
 And do not forget !!! Earth Hour is an annual worldwide environmental campaign, the essence of which is to draw the attention of the world's inhabitants to the problem of climate change. This year the action will be held 13 times. March 30 at 19:30 - March 30 at 21:30: HOUR OF THE EARTH !!!

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